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Regenerate Yourself

How to regenerate yourself, your leadership and your organization
Thursday April 14th – Sunday April 17th

Let your business be a force for good. Be the regenerative leader your organization and the world need. Give yourself an immersive experience of regenerative leadership in untouched nature.

  • Are you often stressed? Do you feel depleted?

  • Are you looking for ways to make your organization future-fit and contribute to a sustainable world?

  • Do you always feel short of time?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed while trying to make a sustainable impact?

  • Do you worry about how to grow trust and sustainable relationships with your employees and other stakeholders?

  • Are you longing for fulfillment and happiness at work while also making profits and being responsible to the ecosystem?

Regenerating yourself, your leadership and your organization is essential to stay relevant in the 21st century.

How would you feel if you wake up every morning with passion and purpose?

Would you like to learn the regenerative way to create long-term clients?


A growing number of people are working on creating a more sustainable world. How can it be that these professionals and leaders are often stressed, depleted or burned out?


You can be different. We will provide you with the experience, framework and tools to be creative and feel energized. Taking good care of yourself so you are able to contribute to the world of tomorrow. Way too often we forget ourselves in the process of creating a more sustainable future.


We will offer you the tools to connect your passion and purpose with results and profit. You will learn how to work in alignment with your passions and purpose which will result in a less stressful, more authentic way to live and do business.

It will make you a happier human, entrepreneur and professional.

We want you to ask yourself a powerful question.


What would your life and work look like if you could create results with more flow and less effort? How would the relationships with your colleagues, employees and clients be if you feel alive and aligned with your passion everyday?


What would it feel to be an inspiration for the people around you and to contribute to a regenerative organization and society?


Join us on a regenerative deep-dive in the untouched nature of Piedmont, Italy to start this regenerative journey towards a new way of living and working.

This spring, Jeroen van Weeghel, founder of Originators and Marinma Dorado from Mindset Results offer a small group of maximum 15 business leaders and sustainability professionals, a 3,5 day immersive experience into regenerative leadership.

During these days you will:


  • Connect to nature

  • Get clear on your passion and purpose

  • Learn the regenerative way to create clients

  • Connect your passion and purpose with results and profit

  • Equip yourself to contribute to the regenerative transformation in your organization, community and society

  • Go home with the implementation strategy for your lessons and insights


Are you ready to move into the regenerative paradigm together with fellow entrepreneurs, leaders, and sustainability professionals?


We would love to provide you this experience, sharing our knowledge and putting you in contact with a group of like-minded people that also want to live and work in a regenerative way.


We invite you to book a Discovery call with Marinma or Jeroen to find out more about the program. Together we will discover if the program is right for you.


Please send a direct message to either Marinma or Jeroen to book your Discovery Session:

Jeroen (LinkedIn)

Marinma (LinkedIn)

The venue

You can choose between a shared room and a private room. The shared rooms will have two single beds and a shared bathroom. The private rooms are equipped with a private bathroom.


Our venue is situated in a former monastery. In a valley, in the middle of untouched nature. We will spend a significant amount of time outdoors, having nature as our guide and inspiration. Practicing the application and embodiment of the frameworks, insights and theories we will go through during this retreat.

Shared room:

€1847 excl. VAT

Private room:

€2247 excl. VAT


About Jeroen (founder of Originators)

Jeroen is a philosopher, trainer, certified facilitator (of the “BEING at Full Potential” methodology) and team coach. Jeroen provides training and coaching in personal and regenerative leadership. He also leads retreats and workshops for men on personal development, purpose and sexuality. His work is inspired by nature, Taoism and the intersection between science and ancient wisdom.


His mission is to support others to lead a life full of inspiration, fulfillment, meaning, contribution and wisdom. He creates experiences and journeys that inspire and invite you to realize your full human potential.


His way of working is characterized by calmness, clarity, humor and connection.

About Marinma (founder of Mindset Results)

Founder of Mindset Results, Marinma Dorado helps Sustainability-focused business leaders to increase their revenue, create perfect clients for their business and therefore increase Sustainable Impact.

She is passionate about Mindset, because it has made a difference for her business and her life. From an overworked corporate salesperson, to enjoying her business with enthusiastic clients that love how she helps them, Marinma has mastered the secret to plenty of perfect clients and Sales: to lever powerful Sales Mindsets which drive action and behavior.

Marinma is a Certified Facilitator for The Passion Test and The Passion Test for Business, two powerful methods to ignite Passion first in the leader and then in the organization, by connecting with their heart, discovering what's meaningful for them and then extending it to the team. 


This process results in more heart-centered leaders and heart-centered organizations, which regenerates people by connecting them with a less stressful way of leading and creating internal and external customers.


Customers also feel this shift and are happier to do business with more authentic and passionate people, than with those that are pushy, stressed and mind-driven.

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